Issues with Exodus?

We are receiving numerous reports that there have been issues with Exodus. While this is only temporary, a lot of FireTV/Fire Stick users are confused on how to fix it. Apparently the issue stems from certain ISPs being blocked, and if you are behind an VPN (Virtual Private Network) you should not have any issues. However, some are still reporting issues and so far the only fix is to make sure you have updated to the latest version of Exodus. (version 2.0.3)

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Latest FireTV update issues

The most recent FireTV update has disabled the use of FireStarter.

A simple work around is to create your own Amazon account on and login with your newly created account.
NOTE:  Do not create the account from the Amazon FireTV screen.  Use your PC or SmartPhone to visit
(If you do this, you will be prompted to enter your street address, credit card information etc. . . from the FireTV, the website does not require this info for a standard Amazon account)

Once logged in, go to Settings > Applications > Manage Installed Applications.
From this list, select Kodi and click “Launch Application”.

Once Kodi has been launched from the “Manage Installed Applications” screen, it will create a shortcut in your “Most Recent” and the “Apps” screen (your Apps Library).
NOTE:  This can also be accessed by Double-Tapping the HOME button on your FireTV remote.


All of this will be synced to your newly created Amazon account, and you will be able to access it from ANY Amazon device as long as you are using the same account.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q:  Every time I go to “FireTV Home”, or try to Register my FireTV Stick it backs up a menu and takes me back to the FireStarter launcher.
A:  This is because your Amazon account is not registered (or you are not signed in).  The way FireStarter works, is it replaces the standard FireTV launcher/loader.  If you are NOT registered then you will only be granted access to the applications that have been “sideloaded”.  Once you have registered your Amazon FireTV you will be able to use and/or install all of the apps available in the Amazon Appstore.  There is no reason NOT to register your Amazon FireTV device, however if you chose not to, you will still have access to the applications that have been side-loaded.

Q:  How do I connect to my WiFi network with my Amazon FireTV.
A:  Go into your “FireTV Settings” menu and select “System”.  Use the down button to select “Network” and select the network you want to connect to under “Available Networks” (WiFi password/key required).

Q:  How do I sign in / register my Amazon account on my FireTV.
A:  Go into your “FireTV Settings” and “My Account” to Register your FireTV Stick and sync it to your Amazon Account.

Q:  How do I Deregister my FireTV Stick?
A:  Go into your “FireTV Settings” and “My Account” to click Deregister once you select your account.

Q:  How do I get the FireTV Smart Phone application remote on my phone?
A:  Open up your Google Play Store app, and search for “FireTV Remote”.  You can also visit the following link:

Q:  Are there any good Kodi Remote apps for smart phones?
A:  There are plenty.  Open up your Google Play Store app and search for XBMC remote or Kodi Remote.  I recommend the Official XBMC Remote app, the Kore app, but my favorite is the Yatse app.  Yatse costs a few bucks to unlock the advanced features (which is worth it) but you can easily install Google Rewards and earn enough to buy it after a few surveys. (the surveys usually only take a few seconds)